Lorem Ipsum Button App

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This app adds 3 buttons to the CKEditor to create 1, 3 or 5 paragraphs of lorem ipsum content. Its goal is to help designers, sales and users in general create content easily.


Lorem Ipsum Button App is licensed under Apache 2 license.


Lorem Ipsum Button App is available on Maven central, the artifact is as follows:




dependencies {
    compile(group: "br.com.thiagomoreira.liferay.plugins.lorem-ipsum-button-app", name: "lorem-ipsum-button-portlet", version: "1.0.0", type: "lpkg");


Lorem Ipsum Button Portlet tracks bugs and feature requests with Github's issue system. Feel free to open your new ticket!


Lorem Ipsum Button Portlet is a project based on Maven to improve it you just need to fork the repository, clone it and from the command line invoke

mvn package

After complete your work you can send a pull request to incorporate the modifications.