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Replicon4j is a Java/REST client to access the Replicon API available at Replicon's Developer Getting Started. It was developed leveraging the org.springframework.web.client.RestTemplate class of Spring Framework.


Replicon4j is licensed under Apache 2 license.

Getting Started

It's really simple to use the client, first of all you need credentials. In Replicon system the credentials are composed by three fields:

  1. company: your company. Since Replicon is a SaaS system you need to provide which company you work for. This is not something new for customers of Replicon.
  2. username: your username
  3. password: your password

The second step is create a object of class and start to invoke its methods. That's it!


public static void main(String[] args) {
    String company = "...";
    String username = "...";
    String password = "...";

    Replicon replicon = new Replicon(company, username, password);

    User[] users = replicon.getUsers();
	for (User user : users) {
	    Resource resource = replicon.getResource(user.getUri());

Which methods are implemented?

Yep, it is a small list. Can you help me? Look here: Contributing. * getProject(String projectUri) * getProjectAllocations(Date startDate, Date endDate, String resourceUri) * getResource(String resourceUri) * getTask(String taskUri) * getTaskAllocations(String projectUri, String resourceUri) * getTimeOff(String userUri, Date startDate, Date endDate) * getUserByLoginName(String loginName) * getUsers() * getUsersBySupervisor(String userUri)


Replicon4j is available on Maven central, the artifact is as follows:




dependencies {
    compile(group: "", name: "replicon4j", version: "1.0.0");


Replicon4j tracks bugs and feature requests with Github's issue system. Feel free to open your new ticket!


Replicon4j is a project based on Maven to improve it you just need to fork the repository, clone it and from the command line invoke

mvn package

After complete your work you can send a pull request to incorporate the modifications.